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Intentionally Grown Cannabis FROM OUR FARMS. Grown, Rolled, Manufactured, and Packaged by us for you. Come discover the benefits of Direct Sourced Fresh Cannabis and Cannabis Products.

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Ole'4 stands out from the crowd; although reasonably priced, you get potent fresh flower full of terpenes and flavor. Don't sacrifice your experience when on a budget.
Pacific Reserve is Cannabis from a mixed light greenhouse, naturally grown and cared for. We showcase appealing, consistent, high-quality cannabis and cannabis products. Intentionally Grown. Fresh Flavors.
PR is for everyone. 
Roll With Us.
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For those who want the best, Farms Brand caters to you. Top shelf Indoor flower, concentrates, prerolls and more. Grown naturally in our LED facility. Farms Brand promotes flavor first and potency second in every one of our products. Let the Farm come to you in our fresh sticky stanky exotic cannabis. 
The My Blue Dove line was created with the memory that potency is essential for cannabis medication. In the days when "patients" would walk into cannabis dispensaries for their medicine, potent products were readily available. Recreation happened, and it became difficult for those users to retrieve what they required. My Blue Dove is here for them and you.
Fast-acting formula. Lean into your zone. Potency and affordability make this "Lean" into every consumer’s eyesight. Cheapest milligram for the price point on the market and Full Spectrum. Two sizes and potencies to reach a broad consumer base make this a top seller.
Quality drinks and tinctures for the everyday cannabis user. Don Primo specializes in making cannabinoid-infused liquids that are perfect for any day.
Made with wild cod liver oil for an appealing flavor that even your dog or cat would enjoy.
Melatonin sleep formulas. Designed with great sleep in mind!
Happy Daze™ is one of our new lines of delicious and refreshing cannabis beverages. 
Black Widow™ is our infused Pre-roll and infused Blunt line. Each one is packed with premium flower grown right in Monterey county, hash that is made from the same flower, kief, and THC distillate oil.
White Widow™ is our latest infused Pre-roll and infused Blunt line. Each one is packed with premium flower grown right in Monterey county, hash that is made from the same flower, kief, and THC Diamonds giving each one shine.
Flashback is an in-house brand focused on high end infused and concentrate products. Representing a special era in Cannabis. Flashback will initially launch as a 90’s themed brand and will eventually move into different eras.
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Livin is our Solventless line of products. This in-house brand uses Fresh Frozen flower for our rosins and dried flower for our bubble hash. The flower comes from Pacific Reserve and Rio Vista Farms. Then, it is put through a solventless extraction process resulting in high-quality concentrates.
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