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Pacific Reserve

Premium Flowers and Prerolls.

A connoisseur experience without the connoisseur price.

Crumble Infusions

Elevate your experience with our Crumble-Infused prerolls.
Our proprietary blends feature .5g of Flower with .2g of Crumble.
Rolled in unsweetened Elements rice paper for uncompromised flavor.



This joint starts with .5g of Blue Moon buds and finishes with .2g of Crumble that is evenly dispersed throughout the Preroll for a consistent high testing over 30% THC.

You’ll recognize the sweet taste of Blueberry which mingles with the citrusy-creme flavor of Sherbet.  This euphoric strain, grown in the Pacific Reserve Nursery, provides lasting pain relief with a reduction of stress and depression.

Banana OG

A mellow yet distinct terpene profile, Banana OG tastes and smells of ripened bananas. Potent, this Indica is crossed with OG •x• Banana Kush and is perfect for those looking to increase appetite and decrease muscular pain.

Banana OG is known as a ‘creeper’ strain that can send you to the Sandman if you over indulge. Consumers should wait 20-30 minutes to feel it’s full effects before medicating with more.

Blue Dream

(Blueberry •x• Haze)
We mixed the legendary relaxation of Blueberry with the high energy of Haze for a blissful Blue Dream experience. This sativa was created to kick nausea to the curb and slip into a calm euphoria. 

Blue Moon

We took the sweet signature taste of Blueberry and blended it with our citrus creme strain of Sherbet to provide you a smooth lightly fruit-filled inhale with Earthy experience on the exhalation.

Euphoric, Blue Moon was cultivated to support those that need lasting pain relief. Indica dominate, this Hybrid will not leave you couch-locked.

Blueberry Muffin 

Purple Panty Dropper features an exotic aromatics blend of lavender and grape which mingles with the fruity terpene profile of our sought-after Blueberry strain. Blueberry Muffin delivers a euphoric experience that’s rumored to be also be a blissful aphrodisiac. 

Boss OG

The perfect strain for Summertime, a little citrus splash of lemon, lime, and a touch of gas give BOSS OG its classic OG Kush taste.

Need uplifting? Tell stress to kick rocks.
Be happy.
Be a Boss.

Don’s Delight {CBD}

(Ringo’s Gift •x• Cannatonic)
CBD 20:1.
Uplifting, Don's Delight was grown by Pacific Reserve Nursery to lessen pain and anxiety, especially those discomforts associated with migraines. Don's Delight, a cross of Ringo’s Gift and Cannatonic, offers all-over body relaxation without leaving you couch-locked. This mellow high features a mild Earthy-citrus flavor.

Dream Band

We understand that Sativa strains are hard to come by, that's why Pacific Reserve created Dream Band, the perfect cross between our best selling Blue Dream and Headband strains.

Delivering our sought-after blueberry profile on the inhale, Dream Band finishes with a classic citrus-filled fuel exhalation. This invigorating blend induces happiness while melting away stress and offers pain control while dissipating depression.

Forbidden Fruit

A complex fruit flavor, Tangie stands out from the crowd with its tropical tastes of mango, passionfruit, and a touch of pine. Finishing with blend of Cherry Pie, which is known for its musky sweetness, Forbidden Fruit the perfect strain for dulling discomfort while discarding stress.

Make no doubt about it, this is a hard-hitting Indica that provides both physical relaxation and mental stoniness.


The ultimate in total body relaxation, G2 is a cross of Gelato x Original Glue. This Indica-dominate Hybrid has an Earthy aroma with a touch of sweetness on the exhale. 





Featuring a creamy, gentle berry flavor at the start, Gelato finishes with a minted Umami earthiness thanks to its parental blend of Sunset Sherbert and Thin Mint GSC.

Melt away stress and relieve pain and nausea with this relaxing strain that keeps you productive throughout the day. 

Ghost OG 

This popular OG Kush-pheno has a rich citrus flavor complimented by a pinch of pine. Loved for its prefect balance of head and body highs, which leave you feeling relaxed and happy, Ghost OG delivers its ability to annihilate pain and depression without an increase in anxiety.


It smells like cotton candy scent thanks to the fruit smoothie flavor of Strawberry Banana and balances its sweetness with an unexpected piney twist of GG#4. Our newest hybrid, GLUSA (glue-suh) provides an uplifting high that delivers an anti-anxiety experience which is perfect for yoga, hiking, or weekend events as you’re not left ‘couch-locked’.


Together OG Kush and Sour Diesel taste like lemony sugar on the inhale with a gassy exhalation. The fuel-filled flavor of Headband is perfect for reducing stress and managing pain however this strain is head-heavy; Over indulging can lead to a tight cerebral feeling.


Kosher Dog

This unique Indica pheno is crossed with Star Dawg (Guava) •x• Kosher Kush. You’ll notice the Kush flavors dominate with a clear blend of classic earth, pine, and gas.

Kosher Dog relaxes your body and melts away stresses with a strong all-over high that is perfect for winding down from a long day. Novice consumers should proceed with caution; Kosher Dog can leave you couch-locked if you consume too much too quickly.

Bred exclusively by DNA Genetics and selected by Pacific Reserve.


This Sophisticated Lady pheno starts with a strong citrus smell, thanks to Ghost OG and finishes with the citrusy Earth flavor of Grateful Breath. An ‘any time of the day’ cultivar, LinSay is a potent strain that doesn’t meddle with your productivity. You’ll remain alert without an overwhelming sensation that can impact the thought process.

Let LinSay calm your nerves as it quickly subdues depression and anxiety so you can enjoy an outing with friends or a night in watching movies. Be aware, consuming too much can bring on sleepiness.

Lemon Twist

(Lemon Chem rolled with Pacific OG)
We blended 2 of our farm favorites, Lemon Chem and Pacific OG, to bring you a limited edition preroll in Lemon Twist. An uplifting experience, Lemon Twist is balanced, promoting your participation in physical activities.


Miss USA

The signature scent of Miss USA comes from its Strawberry Banana lineage. A sweet, distinct fruit smoothie flavor is present with a subtle unexpected gassy-note finish that coats your tongue, when you exhale.

This Hybrid has an addictive flavor with an anti-anxiety high. Miss USA is perfect when you want to be productive, especially if you’re looking to turn on your creative juices.

A cross of Kosher Kush •x• Strawberry Banana, Miss USA is bred by DNA Genetics and grown in the Pacific Reserve Nursery.

Pacific Frost 

(The White •x• Chem) •x• OG

Another uplifting cultivar, bred in the Pacific Reserve NurseryPacific Frost elevates the mood and invites you to indulge in your creative side thanks in part to its Chem parent which melts away stress and alleviates depression. The pungent gassy aroma is balanced by the subtle floral notes from The White, but it’s the distinct diesel taste OG leaves behind which helps this strain from couch-locking consumers. 

This Hybrid is Indica leaning. Novice consumers should wait 30 minutes before consuming more as its effects can appear overwhelming for the first few minutes.

Pacific Gas

Fast acting and long lasting.
Pacific Gas has a fuel dominate flavor profile thanks to its parent strains. We started this strains engine with Sour Diesel, a legendary linage is known for its revved up release of stress, pain, and depression. We completed the cross with OG, for a fuel-filled body high that’s piney on the exhale.

Pacific Island

Take a trip to the tropics with Pacific Island. This fruity Sativa owes its flavor to Maui Wowie and Haze; 2 high-energy, creative inducing crosses. Pacific Island smells of sweet pineapple-papaya that's grounded in Earthy notes.

Pacific Sunset

Where Sherbet saturates your mouth with its sugary-sweet inhale, but Sour Diesel surprises you with a full throttle fuel flavor when you exhale.  An uplifting anytime strain, Pacific Sunset quickly makes you forget about the pits of the day thanks to it’s loud flavor profile. This is a smily, euphoric high not one that brings body relaxation. 

Ruby Fruit 

Forbidden Fruit’s terpene profile dominates this preroll. It’s a profound blend of mango and pineapple balanced by the musky sweetness of parent strain, Cherry Pie. However, it’s the anti-anxiety effects from Ruby Slippers that makes this strain sought after.

Uplifting without inducing paranoia, Ruby Fruit is exclusive to Pacific Reserve.


Ruby Slippers

Named after her bright red stems Ruby Slippers is a perfect daytime flower, providing a cerebral high that hits quick and strong, which ignites creativity and helps complete your honey-do list.

A special Sativa strain, this pheno was hand-selected from over 200 varieties. Ruby Slippers is a cross between Ancient OG •x• Kayas Dream #38 (Blue Dream •x• Chem). She has an Earthy taste with a berry twist when you inhale and finishes with a touch of fuel on the exhalation.

Ruby Slippers was bred by Seed Logic Genetics and this pheno was selected by and is in production with Pacific Reserve.


We cultivated the sweet creme aroma of Gelato and the umami taste of Glue to create a slight chocolate covered campfire treat that is sandwiched between Jet Fuel’s gassy notes. S’Mores is a relaxing strain that gives you uplifted feels, however, over-consuming easily leads one to be couch locked.

Bred by 303 Seeds, selected by and grown in the Pacific Reserve Nursery.


Super Glue

An aromatic cut, our Super Glue has a strong ‘nose’ thanks to GG which produces a signature piney flavor that take center stage upon your initial inhale.

Recognized as rosemary, the pine flavor is quickly balanced with an earthy umami taste on the exhale. Super Glue’s Gelato genes linger offering a flavorful citrus finish and uplifting high. This Hybrid is perfect for yoga, hiking, or weekend events as you’re not left ‘couch-locked’.

Topicanna Cookies

Rolled for a refreshing Summertime, Tropicanna Cookies is a sweet and citrusy smoke. Pop the top and take a moment and enjoy the terpene filled aroma that presents itself. The undeniably citrus profile from Tangie holds its own against GSC sweet, yet Earthy flavor. Sativa leaning, this Hybrid relaxes yet uplifts consumers leaving you happy and stress-free.