Relax, let us do the rolling.

It’s easy to understand why people love prerolled joints. Mostly, the hard work is done, simply light and enjoy! Prerolls are an easy way to try a new strain without a lot of commitment, plus, the variety of available joints make it easy to switch up your experience. Not to mention they’re fun to share with a friend.

Our prerolled joints are a comfortable .7g which is easy to smoke on your own or nice to share and still feel its effects. Made from flower, we offer strain-specific prerolls, like Gelato and Boss, and limited edition blends like Lemon Twist.

Finished with a crutch and individually packed for freshness, Pacific Reserve Prerolls are waiting to be discovered at dispensaries throughout California. Don’t see your favourite shop? Leave us a comment below and tell us where you’d like to purchase Pacific Reserve.